Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, April 20, 2015

The GROWN-UP adoptive parents!!!

Not that I think I'm super mature or anything ( really, I dance around my house and still do ballet with the teenagers in my class;) BUT, I can say that having adopted TWICE already, having very open relationships, a genuine sense of Who I am and Who God is still Making me to be- brings a sense of maturity to Us as a family and this NEW process we find ourselves in. Hoping to adopt but not seeking!

You see, most hopeful adoptive couples are on pins and needles WAITING for the call/ email/ text from a prospective expectant parent or case worker. I've been in their shoes. I felt this way MOSTLY
with Gavin's adoption. Here we were- a family with 2 girls and I had been told that having 2 or more will MAKE YOU WAIT FOREVER for another! I'm not gonna lie- we did everything to get our profile and blog looking awesome and SUPERB. I don't know if I really wanted it to OUTSHINE anyone though- I just wanted it to be the BEST representation of ourselves- Kind of like when you go to Church on Sunday- people see you all dressed up and you speak up in class ( Hey, ANYONE can put on their BEST for a couple hours or on a BLOG/ PROFILE).  But, this time around- I am just going to be a REAL and RAW as possible- b/c that's ME- this is us! So, we don't have the BEST showing for all to see- we have the Genuine Article- Yoga Pants, scruffy hair and all!

I think younger/ newer hopeful adoptive parents have a sort of  warped mentality that IT'S a competition of WHO can LOOK the best, BE the best, Have the Biggest House and look like Ken & Barbie!That way- they will attract an expectant parent to possibly choose them. Maybe... It's NOT a COMPETITION FOLKS- If Someone adopts and it's not you- YOU DIDN'T lose out. You aren't UP against other couples ready to DUKE it out to WIN the ultimate prize. It's an Illusion Satan is putting in your head.
Well, ADOPTIVE COUPLES--- TONS of expectant parents aren't looking for Ken & Barbie- They are looking for GOOD people they feel a connection with and that connection can be sparked from the smallest thing... One instance i remember was a couple who debated about putting a picture of them in their profile where the husband was wearing a Metallica T-Shirt-  in case someone found it offensive. BUT, that was the thing their future birth mom LOVED- Heavy Metal!!! She saw it and instantly had a connection and it grew from then on! I guess what I'm saying is-

The RIGHT Person seeking to place- is going to connect with you for being YOU- and God's Hand is in it all! You just have to be Genuinely unique, willing, loving and for crying out loud- Take off your GLOVES and treat other adoptive couples with the Same GRACE and LOVE that you hope to be treated with. God Loves you all and it's all going to be Alright in the end!

* top r photo is us before we adopted Gavin 
( who is almost 4 now)

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