Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Girls weekend with Birth Family!!!

SO, in February, Grandma Dawn ( Kara's mom) asked us to come to Las Vegas. She wanted to have some time with Just the girls! She bought tickets for the girls and I purchased one for me so we could all visit & I could see my friends and family while we were there! We took 2 days off school and the girls got to fly on an airplane for the first time, as bigger kids! The girls had fun meeting the capt, getting their wings, watching us take off and land and all the bumps along the way! ( this was good prep for the upcoming trip they are taking with us to Hawaii next spring!)

We landed safely and were greeted by Brielle's birth mom , Kara and her mom Grandma Dawn!

Over the next couple of days the girls had time with Just the Grandmas and great Grandma Maxine too!-spending a Day with Grandma Betty- going to jumpstreet out to eat, doing nails, Going to Adventure Dome, restaurants & going to Chuck E Cheese, getting presents and ice cream and pretty much being SPOILED! But that's what Grandparents and birth moms get to do!

<( Brielle & Kara- her birth mom:)

Meanwhile, Since they wanted me to NOT be with them- I was able to have GIRL time all to myself... I got to see my friends, Angie ( who is a birth mom), Miki, ( who is an adoptive momma and birth aunt)  and my sweet friends Heidi, Natalie & Katie too! I was able to get a pedicure with Betty & Angie and see a movie with her, out to dinner with Betty and Brian and Crystal and our girls, see cousins cheer and the girls got to swim and play with lots of birth cousins and friends! We worked out, went to cafĂ© Zupas, went to church, hung out with old friends and GAVE LOTS OF HUGS!
  IT WAS A FABULOUS TRIP!!!                                       (me & Angie)>

I VALUE the time we get to spend with our family and I love that our family is made through this miracle of adoption. Its a HUGE family TREE or BUSH rather:) We are totally blessed and can't wait to have another VACATION with our FAMILY ( yes, no more distinguishing birth or not- you are our family!!!) Love is just that... PURE and honest! And sometimes, I just don't distinguish between birth family and bio family- b/c in my eyes and GOD'S EYES- we are all ONE and We are all His Children! I'm just blessed to be connected to such wonderful souls on this Earth!

 (Aria& Dawn)>

<( Phil, Dawn, the girls and Jr.- Brielle's bio half sibling)


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