Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hoping Yet, Not Seeking...

Let me explain exactly where we stand in regards to our status as adoptive/hopeful adoptive parents...

I have to be REALLY HONEST with You ( or myself)... As hard as this is- WE aren't SEEKING or TRYING to adopt right now. In that I mean- I'm not going to PURSUE an agency or solicit our blog/profile out to people. I have done that TWICE and it had amazing success ( and of COURSE the Almighty's timing has a hand in it all!) BUT... We really do desire to adopt again- IF and ONLY IF it's RIGHT, It's Meant to be, and If the expectant parents and ourselves are totally on board with everything.
I mean- come on- we have 4 kids- who is really going to consider us UNLESS they desire a large family for the child? That's a small margin of people who would actually look at our profile or even consider us.

You see, we had this PLAN ( okay - everyone laugh now- b/c we all know God loves to mess plans up) to do our international adoption home study- travel down to the Philippines and come back with 2 kiddos after a month of doing philanthropic work there. This was all to happen by spring of 2017! And Of course, they had to be girls and under the ages of 3.5!

So, essentially I was DOING what many of us Have done before- ASKING GOD FOR A HUGE BLESSING BUT,... Only if it fits in this tiny minutia of a box that fits all MY parameters! SO, Nevermind what God may want- THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!!  ( GOSH , I'm Selfish at times- I swear)
Ever since we have been married we've talked about adopting from PI one day. Brandon served a mission there and HE loves the people and I love the people here in the states that I have MET- what a culture of kindness ( can't vouch for everyone) but, those I've met have been AMAZING!
We've learned a lot about the culture, the poverty, the amount of kids who are abandoned, surrendered, foundlings, living on the streets, no birth control for anyone etc. We've learned about all the things you need to even QUALIFY to adopt from there ( we do) and how little AMERICANS actually adopt from there each year( less than 400)! The gov't there has systems in place and I guess you could say its doing better than it ever had before- but its still flawed like most systems that serve children. Poverty isn't even considered a reason for placement. ( HUh?)

 My hubby lived with these humble people who taught him that LOVE is free and money doesn't equal happiness and its a place that made him a better man! I still can't help but think of the things He saw there. It's ROUGH! But , it is what it is!

So, we put or name on a WAIT LIST ( 8-12 months before we can even apply) After application - it could be 12 months, 2 maybe 3,4 years who knows? I hope they make an exemption for us seeing as we have more than 3 kids- we may not even qualify on that end- I HAVE NO IDEA!

Which brings me to this post... We are Hopeful that God will work everything out in His way, in His Time and if that means we wait four years+... Then we wait! If that means we are meant to adopt another child here in the US- Then we do! He Knows More than I do!

This Song Explains it all! Enjoy-( ps I totally had no idea about the cute girl in the middle of this video) I will TRUST that He knows Better Than I!


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