Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Week...

Thus far, has been pretty eventful! I visited 3 hospitals- one to take birth mother and baby pics, one to drop off a gratitude basket to a social worker and one to visit our friends daughter who was getting checked out after a car accident- Everyone is okay and the Car took the brunt of the accident. My friend , Dara, was driving home from the gym and was hit by a drunk driver from behind. The man had a DUI, suspended license,a warrant out and NO Insurance!!!!! What the heck was he thinking???

Emily and i went to D Bar desserts again! The meal and the cake and shake were so scrumptious and we met the owner of another bakery in Nashville- where my sister lives. It's called Crumb de la Crumb! Her and her husband are competing on a Food Network Cake Challenge that was to be filmed 2 days after we met and they were also thinking about adoption! And I sat by an adopted college lady too! She was about 2 years younger than me and knows both her birth parents now! Pretty awesome night!

On Thursday, the girls and i went to the Open gym time at the rec center and i landed and AERIAL!!!! A few times! It's exhilarating to be jumping around again and flipping and stuff! I dig it and i have to give props to my new friend Samm who helped me nail it! More on her later!

That night Brandon and i went to see the NHL team the Avalanche Play- they lost by one but, it was pretty interesting and entertaining! Lots of rough peeps!

I especially enjoyed the tiny little hockey players that played on the long breaks! They had to be like 8-10 or so. So adorable and awesome! (pictured above)

Friday, we had school for Brielle and Aria and i ran around getting stuff ready for the Adoption Conference! We went to 2 parks that day and I tried to get in a little tennis practice- I suck but, I'm working on it! I think I want to join a beginning women's league this summer and get better at that!
Now, to finish painting a table and chairs i bought and to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!

But, before i go... Brielle wished on a star last night and snag the whole star light star bright song. Then she said " my wish is so good i just have to share it..." I wished for a BIG family and a BIG house so, everyone can fit in it!" Then Aria said " I wish for a baby sister and a baby brother"

I just love that our girls can't wait to welcome a sibling in one day!
Maybe i should wish more on stars!

You can STILL register by calling the LDSFS office directly!!! ( kelly's number is on my sidebar towards the top!)

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