Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, April 28, 2011


...Was all we got!

Yesterday, We took a sweet little angel ( we will call her Baby H) back to the agency, after 1 week of caring for her. Without going into detail about her BP's lives we will just say- they had issues and struggles. So, a week ago, we picked up this cutie pie and she was dirty and wreeked of smoke! She had a rough 1st day but, totally calmed down and became this chill, smiley baby!
Every morning my girls would wake up and rush over to baby H and want to feed, burp, change or snuggle her! They took turns singing or playing peek-a-boo with her. Brandon and I loved this tiny girl who was rockin' our world! We lost some sleep but, who cared. We met with her BP's last Sunday and it was pretty traumatic for Baby H- she screamed bloody murder every time the BP's held her until she was so exhausted she finally fell asleep.
It was tough and Baby H had reactions the rest of that day. The following 2 days after that were wonderful! Then last Tuesday, our CW called us and told us to bring her back on Wednesday. And Yesterday was a tough day. We've enjoyed her so much and just had a taste of what a baby is like again.
It's been almost 4 years now and after 3 almost miracles - It hurt. I held it together as i watched Kelly S( CW) take her back but, i knew it would be okay- at least for us. I cried on the way back home. I cried b/c of the life that Baby H will more than likely have- being exposed to things children should only read about and not having her father constantly involved in her life. She may not get to fulfill her dreams and potential but, that wasn't for me to fret over anymore. I pray that her BP's will do everything in their power to surround her with love and opportunities to grow and thrive and succeed in this crazy world!

Doing Fostering showed our family that it's so easy to love a child- regardless of where they came from. We can't wait to foster in the near future as well. We understand that " WE ARE ALL BROKEN" in some way or another and if we learn to accept that- it's easier to Let Christ into our Hearts and Lives. This Earth life is a time of Learning and Drawing Nearer to God through our trials and experiences- even if we voluntarily ask to be involved in our own pain!

We know that We will adopt one day through foster care. We know that we will most likely have a birth mother or two outside of foster care in our future who will find our family. And we are so grateful and aware that It's all in God's timing! He is in control! And to whoever you are- sweet birth mother- YOU ARE AMAZING!

1 week may not seem long, but it's really not about 1 week by itself- it's about the singular weeks strung together that make up our lives. And how are we living them? Are we embracing them or running from them?
I love this song ( it makes me weep when i hear it or read it)

Don't be afraid of the power of life. Open your eyes to this wonder.
Just as your heart should be open to joy. So it must let in the thunder.
The sun that you long for is hidden from view, and only the shadows remain.
But that's when you see the true beauty of life when you learn how to welcome the rain.

We welcomed it and we loved it!