Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, April 11, 2011

craziness at the open gym class

I can't believe i can still do some of this crazy shtuff!!!

I may be almost 30 but, I'm not dead yet! ( plus i think 30 is still very young!)

Elisabeth and Brielle LOVE the foam pit and rope but they can't climb it yet( neither can i)
But, my friends can do it!

Little Merich loved the pit! I got to babysit my friend's son for a day and HE was a riot! I even got to give him a faux hawk hair style! The girls thought having a boy around was fun but, they did say that his pee pee ( seen while changing diapers) looks like a worm. And once, Aria called it a tiny snake. Silly girls! Man, having a boy would rock our world in such a cool way! Here's to hoping, right? ( boy,girl, giraffe... we'd be ecstatic!)

Aria is very serious on the beam! She is getting pretty good at balance and strength stuff! Brinley ( in background) is getting some pointers!

All my friends are doing cartwheels and very well i might add!

But, I have to kick it up a notch with some aerial action! ( good shot , Dara!)
I am still trying to get better at them and hopefully progress into round off back handsprings someday! For now, I need to work on my running stride and upper body strength!
CRAZY in love with Gymnastics!

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Carl said...

this is great. love it......

i can still do handsprings, cartwheels, round offs and stuff.

not as many ..... way to go girls!