Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Girls


as of late has been obsessed about riding her bike
as much as possible (this is not her bike in the picture). She LOVES wearing a swimsuit or leotard around the house and often under her clothes when she can get away with it! She is so FUN and Silly and can be very HOT or COLD to you! She is a snuggle bug and a comic relief with her addictive giggles!
Her tiny 34 lb. body is practically solid muscle and she is one tough girl who doesn't really back down from physical challenges! She will lose it if you give her a dirty look or talk rough though- or if she hasn't eaten in a while ( a little hypo like her momma)!
She is the girl who GROWLS and play animals as well as dress up! Her favorite treats are Peeps and gummies! Her nicknames are Bitsy and Bitty Girl! We are so happy God brought her to our Family! She will be an awesome BIG sister to our future children when that time comes b/c SHE LOVES babies and animals!

is so full of Sweetness and Sass! She will try and be the boss as much as she can but, she is super sensitive to the needs of others. She often gives other children or her sister something
that they want without thinking of herself. She loves to share, dance around the house, draw on anything, paint, and play pretend princesses or chefs or whatever! She is dainty and delicate but saucy and silly as well. She is tall and lean for her age and girls in her class. She loves reading books and doing stuff with mommy like cooking and cuddling! She will let you know how she feels and is a great communicator-even when she's not happy with you! Her favorite treat is chocolate anything and is a Total Girlie Girl in just about every way! She is a fabulous sister and tells us that we need more kids in our family! Our nicknames for her are: Sugar Girl and Sweetsies! We are so blessed she joined our family through adoption!

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