Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Why is it that i HAVE a gift complex?
I have been analyzing this as i have been doing some self exploration on the matter. B/c REALLY? who HATES getting gifts? That's just weird and not normal.

Here's where i think it comes from:

Back when i was a child(and still) my b-day is Jan. 4th , right after the BIG holidays are over. Often times my b-day presents were combined into Christmas ones too. Or when i had parties- i got other peoples RE-GIFTS that they didn't want b/c most people forgot about it until the day of. My parents made efforts, sort of. My mom always wanted me to have BIG party and a few times i did but, most of the times- it was kind of just over looked a bit.
So, i started to resent people giving me things. I didn't want peoples left overs or something that meant NOTHING to them so, why not give it to the girl whose b-day was overlooked?

BUT, one year, my dad was super sneaky in planning my sweet 16 surprise party- he even had it 1.5 weeks after my b-day (when school was back in session) and i HAD NO IDEA! IT was a great party with fun people i liked and i remember how much He tried to make it fun!

I remember my Mom taking me on some of my birthdays, shopping alone with her, getting see's candies, picking out new clothes, and shoes and whatever! I LOVED that! She loved making my FAVORITES for all the meals and she always left notes and sweet surprises for us- especially on our birthdays! She made the coolest cakes as well!

So, after all that - realized something... I PREFER a QUALITY gift that is heart felt or useful- i hate random crap- please don't give it to me. I LOVE it when the gift to receive is someone's time or services AND... That's what i LOVE to GIVE TO OTHERS- my time, my services, my craftiness, design input and photography or baby boutique handmade items. I LOVE giving a part of me to those i know and love. It makes me happy to SERVE and i prefer that gift the most!
What gifts do you love the most?

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Marianne Touron said...

I totally understand that feeling. It is lame to give someone a gift that crappy. Seriously sometimes I wish they just would save their money. I like finding out what people love and I get it for them. My craftness with making soap, lotions, bathfizzes,lip balms, sugar scrubs has been popular with my family and friends. Which I am so glad that like it and it's something they find a treat. I totally love making it.