Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love that my friend, Danielle, swaps me cool binks for my boutique products. The last order had some new ones all about adoption that were inspired from the adoption community and I had been desirous to have cool pacifiers that expressed OUR LOVE for ADOPTION!

Today was a Super busy day with lots of cool and crazy things... I biked 3 miles+ uphill pulling 80lbs in the trailer (kids and stuff) to scripture class and back. The downhill was a breeze, Took Aria to preschool, cleaned my car, then myself, picked up Aria, made dinner for the missionaries, Brandon locked his keys in our car- in front of our house. Had dinner, went to YW Volleyball practice and had my new friend Rachel help coach the girls- She's AWESOME (and and adoptee who will be speaking at the upcoming fireside in November. Then came home, put girls down, made clips and finished a few other projects- I AM BEAT! Time to sleep now. I deserve the break BUT,... before i doze off I'm sure I'll read over some adoption books and a parenting one too! If my eyes can stay open.

BIG NEWS- GOT our HOME STUDY APPROVAL today! SO our profile will go live here any day:)
And we are so excited to have our birth mother find us! Also, there may come a period when i can't post as much- it doesn't mean we are NOT HOPING or are picked- It just means I'm busy planning the Nov. Fireside or doing FSA work or kids school things etc... As the Holidays approach I will try to post as often as possible but once OCT hits- I seem to blog a tad less due to all the COOL activities i'm involved with!

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