Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

some peoples kids

I swear... I wish i knew all the answers but, I honestly DON'T! I'm not a liar or pretender and i don't say things that i don't mean. The reason i bring this up is b/c Kids these days feel this NEED to be accepted and SAY YES to everything- even if it means putting themselves in harms way just to feel some sort of belonging to something or someone. I have to hand it to some parents who have done all they can do but, what is comes down to is...

I'm NOT going to BE that kind of parent! I'm not going to overlook BAD friends or questionable visitors in my kids lives! I don't think you take a backseat approach to teens either... YOU stay involved. YOU love them even if They haven't figured out who they want to BE yet! Unconditional love (not enabling) is truly what kids and teens need. I'm not ready to parent teens right now but, I am ready to HELP those around me get through stuff they aren't ready for- that has been inflicted on them by their parents or surroundings/ environment! I have such sadness in my heart for those who weren't given parents who cared for their every need (like mine or Brandon's), who weren't given a SAFE place to live, a non- abusive home to grow in, a warm embrace every few hours, and the chance to succeed along with all the proper coping tools to deal with things in their lives!
Well, That's how i feel about the matter and i hope someone who reads this will realize that the life they were born into ISN'T the life they have to lead. Just b/c your home life may be screwed up doesn't mean your future life has to be the same. You don't have to pattern yourself after those who have failed you. YOU deserve to give YOURSELF a Fair Shot- at getting what it is YOU really want out of LIFE! Why not? You are a Child of GOD and are free to choose whatever it is you most desire!

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