Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, September 23, 2010

so many projects...

so little time!
I have been trying to finish up all the projects in the next 5 weeks (before holiday season starts and before the Nov. Fireside) and here's how I'm doing....
The Paci and bracelet set will be for auction on my FB page and i made 7 bracelets today (no more for a while)

I finished the apron by adding a satin hand ruffled trim and handmade flower too!

This blanket was made for a special baby who will be placed with her adoptive family in the upcoming months- made by me and her birth mother and friend.

and I finally finished Aria's 3rd B-day Piggy Bank- now BOTH my girls have one!!
I only have a few projects left: Making the girls 4 dresses- 2 costumes for Halloween (nothing was cute enough that i saw or worth the crappy material it was made of) and 2 throw blankets, and 4 more bracelets and 1 binky clip. I have to distress the kids furniture and clear out our office- move it downstairs and start getting that room ready for a baby or child (that may be a LONG project over a few months- who knows?) I like being prepared and i also love being spontaneous so... Who really knows on the room thing! P.S. I'm a decor whore or a fabric floozy or a sewing slut:) I LOVE it! Why read a silly story when you can create something out of nothing!!! It's awesome! (sorry if i offend you bookworms- i mostly read for educational purposes)

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