Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what a few days we've had

WOW! I feel like we are constantly on a roller coaster in our lives right now. I love to think that one of these weeks i will be less busy with things BUT, i find that to be totally a DREAM. IN FACT... I DON'T want to be less busy. I just want to be busy with different things like busy with a new child or baby, busy with MORE adoption work and helping others. Busy with doing FUN things with my girls or more dates with my husband! I feel like everything that's occupying our time is leading us up to something. You know like when you reach the top of a ladder or the top of a roller coaster and you here the clack, clack, clack right before the coaster throws you over the hump and you whiz down the chutes and through a tunnel then it throws you upside down and finally- you get to the part where it's starting to slow down to let you off the ride. Except we are still at the clack, clack part right before we are tossed in the air and down the side-winding turns of the life. Let's see where it leads us and if we enjoy the journey with all the ups and downs. I'm sure we will!

PS. I LOVE being a mom and i feel all these emotions for my girls and when i squeeze them (hugs) I feel so elated but i also feel a vacancy- like "where are my other sweet children? When will i hold them close and let them know how much I love them? Will i get to tell them of how wonderful their birth mommies are or will i have open adoptions with their first parents? Will they come through foster adoption and have birth parents who chose to hurt or neglect them? Though i will never speak ill of those people- I also hope that those children come to our family Faster so, they are harmed less and loved more. All in all- God knows all and knows what we need and can handle so, If it means we wait- then we wait. And while we wait we Advocate for life!

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