Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pirates Cove Water Park

Aria could care less that we were taking a family pic!

Here' s a HUGE splash bucket at the top L corner of this pic! So much fun!

My girls Laying one on me:)

Daddy and Aria Splashing:) Aria was such a great swimmer here. It's like she had no fear about it with a HUGE crowd around!

And Brielle has always been a fish. She is getting so independent with her swimming Skills. She went off a slide that had an almost 4 foot drop off into the pool and SHE DID IT! You could tell the Lifeguards were about to freak b/c She is so tiny but then she swims to the edge like a pro and they are thoroughly impressed:) Good job, Big Girl!
Daddy Took these next 2 of me. He is the greatest!

We had such a fun time and enjoyed the slides and such. Next year Brandon and i will hve a date together at a BIGGER water park with CRAZY slides and such. BUT Pirates Cove was PERFECT for kids 6 and under and families! Good memories!

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