Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, March 5, 2011


are so much fun!On Friday, Brandon and I went out with our friends, Dara and Jesse to a cool place called Fontana. It's a GREAT sushi place with an awesome roll called the Littleton maki( MY FAV)! Last night we also had a roll called the Crystal Roll- super delicious! I think my kids would even love those 2 rolls since they are not too fishy! We went and looked for some good running shoes for me and then called it a night since Brandon has had little sleep the past 3 nights due to a cough and kids waking up. Poor daddy! Well, He got his sleep last night and this morning he's off showing homes for a few hours then we will have another date to the Temple and Dinner with the FSA peeps! I'm so happy our marriage is strong and we are so in LOVE with each other! I feel sad when i see other marriages that are strained or that seems to lack that deep passion. It saddens me b/c I never want our kids to feel like that's what marriage is- just two people living together with a ring on! Marriage can be so much more. We are Best friends & lovers, and are looking forward to our future together. We are wild, funny, passionate, motivated, inspired and crazy people! I always say that Brandon is my reward for making it through a somewhat rocky childhood! I'm so blessed to have him and Being Adopted Makes him even cooler b/c He can relate to Brielle and all of our future adopted children where I can not. He is truly in the best sense- my better half and I'm sure he'd say the same about me: Love you much- my hot man!

(pic-me getting ready before our date friday night)

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