Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, March 4, 2011

That used to be us...

...We Used to be COOL!" That song really makes me reach back to those wonderful memories of what we were like in High School.
SO, here's a TAD about Our past lives...

Brandon: During HS He played baseball, tennis, wrestling, & bowling at Rancho High. He was a bat boy for many years to the LV 51's( triple A) team and got tons of autographs and experiences from that. He dated only a few girls and had a girlfriend for about 2 years. He finished his Eagle Scout at 14 and He loved fantasy books an Historical novels. Brandon was always a leader and loud mouth. He had BIGGER friends to back up his BIG words too. He was a great guy and he stood up to others when they were doing wrong things. He has always been close with his parents and his Little Brother looked up to him in everything he did. Brandon even sold candy in HS to buy the things he wanted. He had others selling candy for him and was a great entrepreneur. Overall, He loved HS and enjoyed his youth doing things he loved.

Corrine: I was also a LOUD HS student and was involved in FBLA, was the lead in 2 musicals, made ALL-state , Western Regionals and National Choirs as a 1st or 2nd soprano at Churchill County High and Santana High. I also sang at solo and ensemble and regularly scored a 1. I played on the girls soccer team, ran track ( mostly sprints and relays), and did some gym and dance and all of these activities kept me busy. I dated different guys and I feel like that made me have great idea of what i was looking for in a spouse. I was active in serving the special needs community by being involved with ARC and i enjoyed biking, swimming and running as well. I sang at big events like Lincoln Day Dinners And the Centennial Celebrations in my town and with the National Choir we toured Europe when i was 16 for a month performing all over. I modeled a bit here and there and never grew past 5' 5" so, that only lasted till i was 18.

Both of us were seminary graduates and served in the church as well. We both look back on our HS years with fond memories and we've learned from juvenile mistakes and grown b/c of them. Brandon still bowls and may want to do baseball or help coach wrestling in the future. I still sing and perform in church and community settings and I still love dance and gymnastics and running. It's been a while since i played soccer but, I would love to play on a girls co-ed team . There is only so much time in a day though.

All in All- we have a passion for living life to the fullest and we desire our kids to have many experiences and opportunities to succeed and live a long healthy, fulfilling life- doing what they want to do. Health is very important to us and we plan on setting a good example to all our kids on how special your body is and why we keep our bodies strong, in-shape and free from harmful substances. I look back on my HS bod and i can't believe i used to think I was fat. I was like 128-130 when i graduated. I have about 16 lbs to lose still to get back to that.

Man, When you grow up and become parents- there's part of you that always feels like you are still in the prime of your youth. Here's some god quotes about your inner child and all of them make sense to me:

" You don't stop playing with toys when you grow up- you just get bigger, more expensive ones"

" Adults are obsolete children. ~Dr. Seuss

A grownup is a child with layers on. ~Woody Harrelson

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. ~Jean de la Bruyere

There are TONS more on this site:) Enjoy!

(pics are of our mascots from HS:)

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