Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So, i just went on a blog hopping- reading spree. And I've decided on a FEW things!!! Some in particular to this blog...
1. I want to gear this blog continually to the advocating for adoption side, regardless of our hopes for another child.

2. I want to FEATURE birth parent stories more often!

3. MORE ADOPTION EVENTS will be posted on our blog

4. I will NOT CHARGE money or make money by anything that is posted on my blog. I will select what the contents are and i will go on inspiration and faith as i head down this path. I don't need peoples money and I'm Happy to put my LOVE for adoption to better USE! I'm not trying to down play those who need to charge for ad space on their blogs/sites either- It's just not what I'm about or do i need it!
( thanks honey for all your hard work in real estate and taking care of us so well:)

5. I WANT TO GIVEAWAY more. My photography will be something I DONATE to those involved in adoption ( Especially Birth Moms) and also for those compelling stories and people who deserve a photo shoot for being so incredible. AS well as other things in addition.

6. I need to recognize more successes in the adoption world. NO amount of GOOD is ever enough. Rock on all you FAB advocates!

just wanted to let you know

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