Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FSA Val Playdate!

I have more pics of other kids at the playdate but, Someone got upset at me for posting a pic of their kid so, I will only use these 2 pics. And the ones of Brielle were all fuzzy. She must have been bouncing off the Walls from all that sugar!
They made cards with TONS of stickers and decorated sugar cookies that Kylee made. I'm sure they were tasty even though i didn't get to try one. I brought my own egg-free chocolate chip cookie so, i could have a treat too! Honestly, I'm tired of the whole allergy foods thing but- It's helping me HEEPS and OODLES!
Now that March is Here ( i had to abstain for 3 months of no yeast or eggs-my allergies)
I can have 1 single serving of something with yeast and one serving of something with egg in it a week. It's like a 75% allergy so- it won't kill me but, I get digestive issues and it's hard for my body to breakdown. Crazy but, It's part of my Life! And TONS of things are egg and yeast free- you just have to look and experiment a lot! Thanks to my friend I found Ener-G- its' an egg substitute- so excited to try it out! ( Yeah, sounds geeky i know:)

Also, I'm getting excited to teach the Advocating 4 Adoption class at the upcoming Area Conference in April. More on that later! for more info visit coloradofsa.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

Cute, that is sad that there are others out there that wont let you share their kids pictures. I could understand if you used their name.

Keep up the hard work advocating even when it seems like others don't appreciate what you do.