Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, March 12, 2011

emo to boot...

Today was one of those odd days... The girls b-ball team i coach lost our first game since i've coached them and we got out of the tournament. We were missing one of our star players but, it makes no difference now. WE lost and it's okay. We will all go on and live our lives and learn from disappointment like everyone in the world does. We can't WIN all the time ( maybe Charlie Sheen can but, real people can't!)

Anywho, after the Tourney we went to Colo. Springs to support our friends by sitting through an infertility seminar. Much of the info we already knew but, we learned great stuff nonetheless. Our friends are doing an embryo adoption and by us participating there today- they got to take off 100. per person who showed up! They had 32 people support them.

We support all kinds of adoption and as much as I'd like to think about doing this, right now it just doesn't seem right for us. Not saying it would not be right in the future but, both of us just keep feeling this sense of urgency that our future child is coming soon. Maybe it's the power of positive thinking and maybe it's inspiration. Either way, It's what we feel and it's real to us!

With Embryo Adoption you have the risk that the egg will not take to your uterus, you have financial risk if you must do it multiple times over, as well as all the meds and hormones you pay for on top of that!

With Private Adoption you have the risk of never being chosen, waiting for 3-4+ years, facing failed placement or even having a baby placed in your arms only to loose them after 18 months and much legal battles( it happened to one of my friends)

Overseas adoption you may wait 2-4 + years and you will spend lots in travel and adoption fees.
You will face all kinds of inter-racial issues from others when you get home too.

Foster Care to Adopt you face multiple children in your home and you may not keep them but, temporarily. You are doing something better for the child while you are fostering but you always run the risk of having them leave you, never to return. You will eventually adopt though.

The reason why i explain these is b/c most people outside the adoption world really don't understand. Regardless- all of these things that adoptive parents go through are ALWAYS WORTH IT!

SO, Come Hell and High Water- We are all in it for one thing...the hopes of having a child/ren and a family that feels complete.

As I watched my DVR show of Cake Boss Special Delivery, I started to cry during Carlo jr's birth and watching his proud daddy weep. I couldn't hold it back anymore. He said something like this... this is why i work and what i live for- my family. And with each baby It's so new and so special... I spoke out loud for some reason, while i cuddled Aria all asleep on me" It NEVER GETS OLD" I know i was thinking that but, it just came out! And it's so true- with both girls, it was a completely different experience and i know when it does happen again- It will be SO NEW and so unique and different from the last.

At the end of the show, Brielle asked when we could go see that baby boy and hold him. I told her we couldn't b/c he's far away. It CHOKED me up and it does as i write this now. I wanted to say:

Maybe in the near future Brielle, you will get to hold a new baby and be a big sister again.
And (sobbing as i write) will you tell him or her how loved they are and how you and Daddy and that sweet baby have tummy mommies who love them so much. Brielle, will you help this sweet new member of our family know that you are there for them to guide and love them as their big sister and share all your experiences with them about how cool adoption is?

I hope so!

I think Adoptive Couples who are parenting a child/ren already, Almost ACHE deeper than those who have no children yet. B/c we KNOW what it's like to have them and NOT have some of them in our family. (still choking up) I could go on and on but, it really comes down to this...
God Knows you and me personally. He knows who are birth mom and future child is already and He is setting the time line in the whole process. So, to all the longing families who are desperate for another miracle. Have FAITH. Our day will come soon!

And I'm not apologizing for being emo, either! I needed to get it all out!

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