Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colorado Springs and more...

So last weekend we went to Colorado Springs to support our friends who are doing the Embryo Adoption Program with a Fertility Center there! We wanted to go so badly to King's Chef Cafe and try some Green Chili burgers or whatever, really. we saw this Diner on the Food Network Channel and have always wanted to go. So, we GPS'd it and it took us to the wrong location. So, we re-routed to the actual location and come to find out- there was a very large ST. Patty's Parade going on!!!

This made us have another LONG detour as we took side streets everywhere. The girls were hungry and ready to get out of the car already!
So, after parking 4 short blocks away. We got out and the girls enjoyed the parade for a bit!

After that- they were really hungry and so were we. We almost WENT the wrong way to find the cafe but, thanks to a nice dude who was also going there- we redirected and found it!

What a relief! And the Green Chilies were mighty potent!

and that made us all have crazy faces!

Like Blue steel- with a side glance:)

Man, Is Brandon good at that!

Aria was just being a peach!

And so was Brielle! I must say, now that the girls are 5 and almost 4- they are way better behaved at restaurants!

We had a great time and it s good diner food and worth going again. But, i like variety- so, I'll try some more dives next time we are there! It was a great time in the Springs and we really enjoyed out family day!

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