Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aquarium trip

we had such a blast here!

the sea creatures were amazing!

uncle Todd was such a HAM!

And Brielle Loved to size up the big fish!

Nemo even had his own display area! ( looks like a screen saver, right?)

And the girls got to pet a real live tiger ( at least that what it looks like)

This big kitty loved Aria and wanted to play but, she refused him!

The Mermaids put on a great show and the girls were mesmerized!

This shark was really smitten with these 2 girls!

I loved the silver metallic fish ( reminded me of all the cute handbags out right now)

Aria was instructing Brielle on how to plug her nose in case she wanted to go in!

This coral was breath-taking ( again- looks like a screen saver)

The big Cat keep staring me down. I have no idea why? Maybe it was b/c i smelled like steak?
( not really)

The Bubble dome thing was really cool.

Brielle was about ready to jump in this tank.

Aria loved the Aquarium and saying Hello to all the creatures. It was fun had by all!

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