Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We finally started to take down the decorations from Christmas! Yep, I'm a procrastinator with that. I feel like the season of giving leaves all too fast. There is a great song in the Forgotten Carols that says" I cry the day we take the tree down"... I feel all blue about it.
Now we have to wait another year. Even though the outward signs are not there anymore, i still feel the Spirit Of Christmas in my Heart all the time. Forgive me for sounding a bit cheesy but, I do have a great love for everyone in the world and i wish and hope for everyone to be happy and loved! I love sharing and giving and helping! I love it when my friends do those things for me too. It's the Spirit of Christ in us all that makes us want to do the right thing and love and serve those we know or come in contact with. ( thanks to Kara for all the help with the tree and dishes:)

I cleaned up the storage room and moved boxes all around and it stunk but it's done and much cleaner. I made some poufs for Alli's Party tomorrow that will become the tops of fairy
wands , took Baby Judd's pictures for my long time friend, Annie, who just recently adopted this sweet boy! And took some of Junior too ( Kara's Son). I made Brielle's tiara cookies for her class and a gorgeous necklace for one of her birthday gifts. She has been asking for me to make her a new necklace for a while now. She really wanted purple in it too!
And I printed out tons of papers for tomorrow's Adoption Presentation. Tomorrow Kara and I ( and maybe Jessica) will speak at a High School. I haven't done this for a year now but, I am excited to share my love for adoption and dispel myths about it too!
Adoption Advocacy is MY CALLING in life right now! I'm so happy to do it and i know that this is Where God Needs me to be!

*oh, and here's a pic of the cupcake i made for her REAL birthday day! Her PARTY cake will be on Saturday!!!
( Brielle cut out the star too)

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