Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Report on the party...

So Much Fun, 13 little girls, 1 little boy. Tea party with a 3 course meal. Sleeping Beauty came and performed and played and we took pictures and did make up and games. Lots of cake and ice cream, and running around, musical chairs and gifts and friends. I'm BEAT and so ready to hit the hay.I LOVE PARTIES, just a tad more toned down. I am congested, my feet hurt and so does my brain. Next time a birthday comes i will either hire it all out or take some of the friends to ski or a water park( summer b-days) . So much easier. I literally had 5-6 people help with this massive tea party. SO MUCH FUN but, so much work. More pictures to come...

Dara covered the cake with buttercream fondant and i made the crown,5, and cakes and iced them. It was a great team effort!
It was fantastic having Kara there too. Kara is a great birthmom!!! We are so blessed!!!

Can't wait to have another amazing adoption in our family. Open adoption is like adding more people to your family, who you will be forever connected with b/c f this amazing miracle! I LOVE IT!!!

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