Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We are ALL Royalty to GOD!

Every infant, child, man and woman! No matter where we live, what we drive, who we know, how we spend our time, God is still our Father in Heaven. And He is Our KING!

This hangs in my girls room to remind them everyday who they are!

And although I DETEST pageants for tiny kiddos, I do have a few tiaras around and on a few things, like these piggy banks!( they have tutus on too). I never want my kids to think that they are not worth anything to us and to God and Jesus Christ! We constantly remind them of all the people who love them. From birth family to extended family and friends, they know they are loved everyday!

Brielle asked me last night..." Mommy, are princesses real?" i replied "Yes, Brielle, they are real and YOU are one of them b/c you are a Daughter of our Heavenly King, Our Father in Heaven, And He loves you and wants to see you behave like a princess everyday!" Her eyes got big and she said " I wish i could see God again but, i don't want to die yet" .
So innocent and sweet. I about lost it! I wish everyone in the world knew of their own worth in God's eyes! We are all truly ROYALTY, now let's behave like we are everyday!

*pics from top to bottom:
tiara from B's cake i made
sign i made with vinyl and real crystal mini tiaras, paint and ribbon
piggy banks i ordered plain and decorated with tutus and tiaras
tiara we bought Brielle for her 5th B-day!

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