Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

things are getting colder...

...here in CO! And we are having such fun with all the snow!!!

Except when we are talking about my inexperienced driving skills! Yep, the truth is coming out folks!
I SLID on the ice and my tires hit the curb. It was super scary but, i was going slow enough no major damage happened. I busted our wheel and baring and that's about it and it took 2 weeks to get that all fixed! I thankfully have many great friends who lent us their extra car while all the repairs were being made. ( em and trev)

So, the fun stuff now... We LOVE to sled and make snow angels and anything we can do in the snow! Emily and i even jumped on the tramp with 6 inches of snow on it! It was chilly but, hilarious!!!

Today was the 2nd REAL snowfall this winter and now that my Navigator is back, i plan on driving like a granny and keep my 4WD on!!!

I love how the snow makes everything so clean and bright. It's so romantic, peaceful, heavenly and freakin' freezing. Everyone tells me there much more winter to come so, i better be prepared. I'm stoked that we live here and get to experience all these wonderful seasons. God is so good!

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