Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting excited...

Brielle's birth mother, Kara, and her baby boy are coming up this Tuesday. It was our Christmas gift to her to fly her up here to celebrate Brielle's Birthday. This is the first year we have lived in different states and will be the first of many to come. I am so excited for her to see Brielle and Us too. Aria LOVES Kara heeps and loves to "help " with the baby! This upcoming week will be a full week with 4 birthday parties, new school for the girls ( i will get to that), Kara's coming, gymnastics, pictures, taking down Christmas stuff, doing a Highschool presentation on Adoption on Friday and getting stuff ready for my 2nd FB auction. I still have a bit of Baby Boutique products I'm auctioning off. I have decided to try and bead my way through the thousands of dollars of beads i have so, i will re-open my etsy store- mainly to sell jewelry till i run out. Otherwise, it would sit there doing squat!!! Plus jewelry takes up little space and time and can be done when the kids are asleep.

As for us switching schools... Well, let's just say we didn't want to have our morals challenged or feel like we had to compromise our Christian views to make others happy. So, we enrolled our girls in a private Christian School in Highlands Ranch!!! They will finish out the year there and we will go from there.

As of right now, I'm super tired and i feel like a truck hit me. I'm ready to sleep and would like my house to magically be cleaned by fairies while i sleep:) I'm also needing a pedicure and massage. We are watching our friend's daughter while they are away and she is doing great but, she is 2 and i forgot what having a 2 year old is like. They whine a lot and about everything. She is a REALLY good girl too- just 2 and still speaking funny and i have to change diapers. Am i that out of season with the whole diaper thing? Oh, and speaking of.... lots has changed since Aria was born. There are bio-degradable diapers, G diapers, cloth diapering systems of all kinds and so on. Guess that's something i better brush up on! I do need to add that our family is a good mix of Granola and Frosted Pop Tarts. By that I mean, we use both natural and holistic medicines, essential oils, and cleansers and bleach. So, we are about a 50/50 split. And it works for us! I sew some things and buy others. I re-purpose and refinish old furniture and things (up-cycle) and i also hand a lot of my stuff down to friends or those in need. We believe life isn't just about STUFF you can acquire- but about whose life you have touched for Good. And What have you done with what God gave you- including your talents and gifts. People are so much more important than things. I wish more people in the world lived by that!!!

Well, i better get rested- such a long weekend and week ahead!!!

*pic is of Jr. , Kara's Son!!!

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