Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Older

Today was a great day. It was the first day of the last year of my 20's! Yep, i hit the big 29!
I can't believe it. I really can't!!! I feel youthful and Life is Just starting! I'm happily married, 2 girls, doing the mom, photographer, singing, arts thing. Being 29 doesn't really seem that old at all.
I still like to do fun stuff like dance around the house with my girls and hubby. I can't wait to snowboard this season and i want to enroll in a dance class this spring too! I'm not one to sit on my rear all day. I like to get out and DO things!!! But, i do know what responsibility is and sometimes it STINKS to have to be responsible for everything. And sometimes i love it! I love watching and helping the girls grow into little learners and Christ-centered Children. There is so much a child needs from a mom and a dad in order to thrive and i LOVE giving my heart to them. Even if it means sacrificing a few of my personal wants in life. I know from observing some amazing people that sacrificing is what it takes to raise a child in this world. The Best, most respectful, driven, caring, charitable, and charismatic adults don't come from crappy parents ( most often they don't- sometimes they do ex: the Book " A Child Called It"- great read and great true story).
More often than not These wonderful individuals come from Intact homes where LOVE is shared and expressed daily. Praise is given, time is dedicated to rearing and teaching and listening to children. Being RESPONSIBLE is what being my age is all about now. I can't wait to be responsible for another tiny miracle someday. And i will always acknowledge the inner child and dance, play and sing till i die! Life is too short to be a stick in the Mud!
Here's some pics from tonight...
Our great friends and i should have brought my actual camera- not just my phone

Yummy Sushi and my pathetic cake. Really? Like i couldn't spend more time on my cake than that.( sidebar: while I'm typing I'm being harshly exposed to Myla's toxic Dog Gas- about ready to pass out. I think she ate some enchilada leftovers from last night)

Yeah, i was in a hurry making this one and it was cake #2. My first one was a BIG TOP CUPCAKE ( wilton brand) and i make the coconut cake with coconut milk and flax meal- egg replacer. That seemed to be the demise too. As i assembled it- it just crumbled. So much for my egg free ( i'm allergic to eggs and yeast) birthday treat. luckily, i made a back up with EGGS and hurried to decorate it. Fudge cake with coconut cream center and buttercream. I mostly ate the filling since i don't want to be up sick all night!) Thank goodness for back ups but, i know, it's definitely not my best work. Tasted great though- that's what matters most!
Well, i need to sleep. Oh and thanks so much for the 73 b-day greetings i got from my FB friends. Wish you all could have been with me today!

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