Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Post-1

The night before Christmas...

No, not going to tell that story- that's been done already. Here's OUR story!
Brielle feel asleep in Daddy's Arms watching a Christmas movie. We had to wake her and Aria up to open a gift before they went to bed for real!

This is our main tree in the family room. It's 12 ft. and my FAV. What a beast this will be to take down though. So worth it! And this year, i added aqua to the mix!
We had pancakes with fruit compote and whipped cream( Brielle says " whup'd cream), sausage gravy and biscuits and fresh pineapple. She wanted a smiley face very badly. I tried, right!?!

The girls got into their stockings to see what Santa had brought them...

and boy did he deliver! We also have tons of presents under this tree from Brielle's Birth family and our parents and US , of course:)

G-ma Leslie got the men this historic game. I grew up most of my life in Fallon. It's only about 30,000 people strong , maybe less. So, to see a game out of it was pretty hilarious and fun!

Aria and Brielle LOVED their leotards too!( understatement for sure- Aria never wants to take them off)

And they LOVED everything, really!

Brielle was more interested in continuing to open gifts- regardless of what was in them. After they were all opened- she began to play with everything!
2 days before Christmas, i attempted to make my first batch of fudge. I chose Rocky Road Fudge and i guess it needed more butter b/c the Ghirardelli Chocolate had a lower fat content. It tasted great it just was a tad crumbly. Not bad for my first time though!
And i tried making caramels. They were a laboring task b/c the first time i didn't get them to a hard boil and i poured the gooey stuff into the pan to cool but, it didn't set up. So, the next morning, i dumped it into the pot, brought it to a boil again and they turned out delicious:)

The Girls got loads of better quality dress up dresses and i constantly am washing them b/c it's almost and everyday event! I love it though. These tiny girls will only be young once...

*keep reading to know more about Brandon and Corrine and their hopes to adopt again!

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A Life Being Lived said...

What a fantastic Christmas! You are such a great mom. :)