Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, January 27, 2011


you have those days where you feel like the life has been sucked out of you by a shop-vac. Every ounce of you is drained and your fingers can barely move to type.
I stayed home ALL day today with the Girls b/c B's sick ( cough-nothing major) so, i did laundry, played with the girls, built a blanket fort, kinda did dishes, and did an overhaul on the Navigator and it's sparkling clean now! The leather, floors, mats, windows everything! There's nothing like a clean car! I got to chat with my friend Hales in Scottsdale and SKPYE with my family and my littlest brother, Brent! He's is heading off to Afghanistan in the Marines and that may be the last time we get to do that with him. We shall see. He's a strapping young man and I'm totally proud of him. Also, my friend Jessica is in training in the ARMY to head there in a few weeks too! So, i will have a few cool peeps over there. I wonder how much a box costs to ship there?

I'm also rounding out the midpoint of some hard core dieting and weight loss. Not that i was huge balloon but, i had some luv to peel off. I only have 12 lbs to go and I'm back to my size in college! I'm stoked but, it's draining too. Not to mention all the brain power i've been exerting to get all the new Central Region stuff in order for the next conference call! I LOVE FSA and am so glad I get to be involved and be an Aid to the awesome Central Region Area! I could just gush all day about these cool fsa chairs in each states and area! but, I'm tired. Sometimes, all the daily grind just wears you paper thin and then it's time to hit the hay. And try and make the most of the next stretch of sunlight!

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Becky said...

You're the awesomest regional FSA chair! Thank you, thank you for all you do.