Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Letter to Expectant Parents

If you are prospective birth parent- please read this letter by clicking on it to enlarge the text. If you are not, please note that this letter is not intended for your eyes but, you are free to read it nonetheless!

Here's the poem i wrote after Brielle's birth mom told me that we were the gift she was giving her child. And she said she wasn't doing this for US- but for her Child! It was featured at the last LDS FSA National Conference Art Display! And the pictures are all adopted babies from the CO agency!

For My Child

A Birth mother's Song

Looking in your eyes

The Longing for a chance to be

Parents to this child

That will come from Me

You Must feel Grief and Pain

Many tears have been shed

Sleepless nights you've wondered

In Prayer you've bowed Your head.

If you are like me,

You've pleaded to God Above

To Have some peace and

Fill your home with LOVE

And You May Say

That You are so Thankful

To receive this Tender Baby, Meek and Mild

But, I want you to know

I'm not doing this for You...

I'm doing this for, My child.

So please give me the strength

to look beyond my own Fears

And please give my baby the love,

The Hug, laughter and the Tears.

And i Hope you know that

I love my Child more than myself

To give her the Gift of parents like you

I'll put my pride upon the Shelf.

This is Tearing my Heart in two

I never knew i'd have to do this

So, please listen and hold my baby close

And for me, give Her a Gentle Kiss

And You May Say

That you are so very grateful,

To receive this tender Baby, Meek and Mild

But, I want you to know

I'm not doing this for YOU

I'm Doing it For My Child...

I'm doing this for OUR CHILD!

~Corrine C.

Copyright CCI 2006

Thank you for letting me share this bit of my heart with you, dear reader. I am most grateful for the time you took out of your day! God bless you and keep you safe on your journey to find the right family and find all the peace that you can.

~Corrine & Brandon

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