Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sundays are So Special

As part of our family legacy, we want our children to be surrounded by people with integrity and moral values. hence the reason we go to church and participate in tons of the church functions!
Our children NEED a moral compass and We are doing are best to see that they are raised to Love One Another and Christ Loves Them. No better place to teach them than in the home and then reinforced at church! Parents Set the Tone of a Child's LIFE forever!

We are so grateful for our callings and for our membership in the LDS church. We love that we have great friends and live right by the Denver Temple (same City Block)! It's one of our favorite temples!

We especially LOVE SUNDAYS because we get to relax, learn lessons at church and enjoy our family and friends. Today we had a bunch of friends dine with us over at our Other friends house and we had a blast! ( I avoid using my friends names until i have permission from them:)

I made a strawberry creme pie and some brownies for desert and the house was filled with about 7 little girls and few boys and 5 couples and the missionaries. we play an active ROLE in fellowshipping and helping new and less active members- all of which are wonderful people in their own regards! I know that each of us is on our own spiritual journey and we are not sent here to judge people but to love them as they are. Each of us is working on our own slavation on our own timeline. And we just LOVE everyone we meet. I LOVE OUR WARD and am so grateful to be part of it! And I LOVE my Sunday Naps too!

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