Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

getting on the High Horse for a minute

I don't do this much but...

Tonight, when i was biking home after a long evening with friends, I looked up at the beautiful moon in the night sky and was grateful it was there for me. I was also thinking about the myth or legend that you get pregnant when there's a full moon or you go into labor on a full moon! It's something to do with how woman's bodies are in harmony with the cycles of nature- yada yada yada (you get my drift).

That thought lead to the thought of all the Ladies in the world who get pregnant with no intention of being a good mother to their babies. I thought of that b/c i have distant a relative who gets pregnant and has babies just to have the Gov't Handouts that come to poor, unfortunate people who have children!!! I am so upset at this group of humans in this world. I'm disgusted that you use your children as meal tickets. You procreate for CASH- which makes you a WHORE to the Gov't system.
Seriously- this may seem harsh and I'm not saying that all people on welfare are using their children as meal tickets by no means- some of you need it are are great people- I'm just saying that people like her ARE- and i don't like it one bit;(
These relatives are a JOKE. He gambles his earnings and spends it on alcohol and drugs and She uses the welfare checks to buy STUFF not for her own kids. She intentionally got pregnant at 16, then 19 and now 20- just so she could get more FREEBIES. They don't try to better their situations. The children are all being neglected or otherwise abused, choked, slapped, starved, have little or no clothes and are not bathed regularly, etc... I WANT to CRY for these precious babies. I want to CHOKE those people and knock some sense into them.(well, not really physically harm them but, I'm sure you can imagine my rage)
It's obviously super frustrating to me!

NOW... to all you Good Parents, Good Birth Moms and Good decent Humans of the world who Love your children and understand how precious and pure they are... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You are giving your children the best chance at success, at a stable happy life of love and laughter and doing what you know to be best for them! Thanks to the parents who teach their kids to be leaving things better than they found them. Thanks to the Birth Parents who sacrificed a part of your own Heart so that Your child may have the best chance possible for their dreams to come true. You are not thanked enough in my eyes! The world doesn't understand the pure, Christ- Like Love you have! And Thanks to all the Good people who raise up children unto God and to treat others will love and respect- and that LIFE is what YOU make of it! We are so indebted to your sacrifice of time and attentions as you shape the future leaders of this world!

I wish i could HUG you all and thank you in person! Maybe some of us will just have to sometime soon! That's a good idea- Let's all Hug and Thank People for BEING AWESOME! Should we have National Holiday?- It would be called " National Decent Parents Day" :)

Okay, time to get off my high horse now. Love to you all (well, you GOOD and Wonderful PEOPLE of the world) (i'm about 100% positive the bad ones are reading this)
Here's a GREAT article about UNWED parenting statistics FYI.. It's pretty meaty but, worth the read:)

ps. those relatives are NOT in our LIVES and are not immediate family-whatsoever! Just so you can rest at ease!