Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, August 2, 2010


Something i haven't really mentioned before is how we envision our family in the few years to come. I have always felt in my heart that we would have about 5-6 kids, maybe more. Most will come through adoption. I'm not an idiot and I'm not trying to be GREEDY, either! We just know what we know and feel that we have missing children in our family! It's like this huge part of my heart that aches daily. As each day passes, i feel more urgency to do something about it.
But, i can only do what i can do and God plays the biggest part in this process. Then our future birth mother plays the next part and us the last part.

We've always hoped for many races of children in our family. I actually thought i'd marry interracial but, who would have known I'd fall head over heels for a Blondy! I am so glad i did though:) Brandon is my perfect match, best friend and sweetest husband and father. That doesn't mean we always agree on everything(let's be real people) and we are not perfect. We are just us!

I do hope our next baby/child has darker hair though. I'm not gonna lie, I'm out numbered by all these blondes!!! I kid around with friends and say : God and i made a deal: Next baby can be either girl or boy and any race- it just has to have darker hair:) Not that I'd discriminate against blonds, i just am hopeful!

We both see our family having about 4 girls and 2 boys and each one will have a different way of coming to our family. Our Hopes are that an amazing person is reading this right now and is getting over that urge to find another family because we "already have kids/girls". Really? being discounted because we have 2 girls (one who is adopted, one bio) is totally unfair! All i can say, is that when it's RIGHT, you will know in your heart and the rest won't matter! Us having kids means that there are even more who will love your baby!

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