Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our 1st CO Camping Trip

So, Click on this pic to get a closer look. And NO, i didn't get all digi-scrappy with this one- just straight up plain old PS. I know- boring but, camping isn't about all the bells and whistles- It's about getting back to nature- pure and simple!

So... the real deal... The girls in our tent slept well. Our friends kids- not so good but, we all went to sleep nonetheless! My tin foil dinners were a little over cooked but still tasty with some Steak sauce! The s'mores were delicious with cinnamon sugar grahams this time and got everywhere too! We played Spot Daddy on the Mtn. with our high beam flash light. B would run up the mtn with his tiny flash light - move around after it was turned off and yell out to spot light him- the girls went nuts!!!
In the morning- the girls had a blast playing fake fishing and we all were extremely tired!!! I hated the port-a-potties but, was grateful they were there anyways! Our girls got scraped up a bit from sticks and rocks and such, soaked in the cold creek water and got to pet a domesticated wolf! They LOVED everything and seeing Camping through a Kids eyes was priceless! As we packed up to leave, Brielle said " This was the best camping trip ever, Daddy and Mommy!"

She has only camped 2 times so, i guess she is right. Despite "keeping this post REAL" we had a great memorable time and we learned a lot about each other and what we can do better the next time we go camping again! We can't wait...
Next trip- 2 nights or more- a good pad under our sleeping bags- a no fail tin foil dinner and some rafting down the river:)

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