Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being Led...

Man, i feel like a bit of a basketcase somedays! The whole adoption process and waiting is sometimes overwhelming!
I decided today- to FOCUS more on Where God is leading us to and not necessarily where I WANT TO GO! I mean that we are trying to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit more and where it's leading Our Family. I am so grateful for inspiration and peace that comes from doing what is right in our hearts. Lately, I've just struggled with the whole "waiting for someone to pick us" thing!
I've come to the conclusion that : It will happen when it's RIGHT and meant to BE and that even though we put our whole hearts out there to be openly criticized by prospective birth parents- I"M OKAY with being picked apart.
Someone may not like my dark curly hair. Someone may not like that Brandon is a mortgage lender and Real Estate Agent! They may judge us as un-cool b/c we have 2 kids and we are not "NEEDY enough". They may think we are total nerds or hate that i love to match my girls outfits! They may want someone totally opposite of who we are but,...

Someone may just Love us for who we really ARE... They may LOVE the fact that I'm artsy and funky. They may love that Brandon is adopted and can relate to our future adopted child (as well as to Brielle- who is adopted) They may see the fact that i had 1 kid as a COOL thing and that i can now better relate to BIRTH and pregnancy!(but can no longer)
They may LOVE that we are already lightly seasoned parents. They may love that we have 2 girls and would love another girl or boy! And that the baby would be surrounded by love and siblings. Some may like that we want a BIG family (not Duggars big- just bigger than the norm) and we hope to adopt at least 2-3 more times! Who really knows WHY someone may LIKE us or NOT like us. BUT... We are willing to take that leap and put ourselves out there!

It's amazing what FAITH will move you to do! I hope all adoptive couples put their WHOLE heart into this process and show people the REAL deal with them, their family and choice to adopt! Good luck other adoptive hopefuls and Happy Family Hunting potential Birth parents! May you be guided to find the BEST fit for you and your baby! You rock that your even considering adoption!