Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake and more cake

So, the first fondant and gum paste WILTON method class was pretty easy. We made balls and bases for flowers out of gum paste!
At this point, i felt like a kid playing with edible play dough. It really was so much fun squishing and pulling fondant like taffy!

these are some mum and rose centers- OH and we also learned how to make a bow!

class 2- we made these flowers (mind you these are kind of broken from my girls playing with them a bit)

class 3- we covered a cake board and made the daisy and the mum. my mum stinks- btw. But, it was my first try:)

class 4- we covered our cakes and put our skills to the test. I decided on a Zebra cake - just for kicks. I also learned NOT to use pure gum paste for the stripes and ruffles- it hardens way too fast and tastes icky! THE best thing about FONDANT these days is that it comes in some awesome, tasty flavors! Like Buttercream Fondant, Marshamallow fondant, chocolate, orange cream etc... Fondarific is a HUGE company that makes some killer stuff!

Now, what do you think i may be doing with my new skills?...
MAKING SOME KILLER B-DAY CAKES, some wedding cakes, baby shower cakes etc... BUT, i will only do this on occasion and by referral. I have done cake decorating for years and it's a time suck- and mostly from your weekends!

But, It's a Skill I'm happy to have! Here's a few more pics from our last class!

I am not sure if I'm smiling or trying to tell the camera person something! Isn't our class the best!

Me and my friend DARA! She signed up first and i joined in. I had always wanted to take fondant class and it was blast with her! She has 2 girls too and our girls play together a lot!

Hopefully, I will get to make a few more cool cakes here and there!
Watch out Duff Goldman!

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