Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Parade

Today was a great and HOT day for a parade but, it was great nonetheless! Our Co chapter participated in the Wheat Ridge parade! All went pretty well too! I have to say, since it was our FIRST time- it couldn't have been better but, Next time... I'm thinking a bit Bigger deal should be made- maybe a ride on float for about 15 people, some poles with long streamers on them that people walking can wave around, more pamphlets, more candy, more pass along cards etc...

We did get our message out which was : Support Adoption- It's a Miracle! And not everyone in the crowd was really cool with it- but most were nice! I just find it baffling that some find adoption so- TABOO or terrible- when it is the exact opposite- It's Amazing and full of Love. Birth mothers don't place because they don't want- they place because they want more for their babies! There are so many MYTHS that are unfounded in the general media about adoption and I'm working hard to stop anti- adoption media! IT'S ABOUT LOVE- PEOPLE!

k- now, I'm winding down... A cool thing that i will mention about in a little bit later is, that we got to have our friend Jessica( a future birth mom placing with J & C) come in the parade with us and her couple came too!. More on Jessica in a few:) She's pretty awesome:)!

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