Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, August 23, 2010

the list...

...of things i have to do before preschool starts is getting longer and longer!!!

If i didn't have the desire to make some things instead of buying them- it would probably be much shorter! BUT, i love sewing and making dresses and skirts and hair flowers and bows and jewelry and so on. It's fun when you know that my kids have some special one-of-a-kind items and i enjoy making these things.
I also LOVE to shop online for adorable items i can't make! Shopping in the mall or stores is fun too but, i can normally find a lot more in a smaller amount of time! And time is something of a precious thing right now.

Luckily, i don't get overwhelmed very easily! I just roll with it, make LISTS, and start getting things done!
I am glad my mother instilled in me the ability to have GOALS and make lists to organize my time and thoughts and energy! I think everyone should have so sort of a goal- both long term goals and short term goals!
I also know that when things don't work out the way we intended for them to- you re-focus and re-evaluate your goals and make changes accordingly.

In our life here's what's changing:

I'm closing my ETSY store at the end of NOV or sooner to make more time in my life for helping FSA chapters grow, expand their outreach programs and the birth parent programs.
In other words: I'm quitting the GOOD things to HELP with the BEST things- Building Eternal Families and growing and awesome Organization! I know it's where God wants Our efforts and energies right now and Brandon and I are happy to help in any ways that we can!

I also don't want to be too stressed out with too much on our plate if our future birth mother finds us sooner than later. I think The most important things in life are not THINGS- They are PEOPLE and the RELATIONSHIPS YOU BUILD AND KEEP!

So, since i'm not obligated to bring and income in for the family- it's time to be involved in greater causes! I am so exited to see what our future holds and Where God Leads Us!

My Goals as of now are:

Short Term:
Start getting ETSY store to a close (clearing our merchandise)
Get a Stable functioning schedule in place with the girls preschool and gymnastics
Get more Sleep
Attend the Temple as often as possible (2-4 times a month or more)
Get a handle on my calling : YW sports coordinator
Lose 10 lbs
Do more service with FSA and outside of it!

Long Term:
Help in Adoption Efforts in the Central Region
Grow our family through Adoption!
Educate our Children in all ways
Develop stronger bonds with our Daughter's Birth mom!
Be the BEST wife and mommy that i can be!

Well, Lots to do and think about- Hope who ever reads this thinks about a Goal they might want to achieve!

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