Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buncha Stuffs:)

So this may seem like a hodge podge of stuff in one post- but that's how we roll sometimes! Seriously, It's a good mix so, here it goes...
This Is Lauren, a friend who cut my hair. We are doing BLUE STEEL and Magnum from Zoolander (a Bent Stiller Movie that is totally silly)

This paragraph SPEAKS volumes of the importance of Teaching your children in the home and how it's the foundation of a child's life- great stuff and this book was published in 1926!!!
Here's what the outside looks like. It's Spiffy to me and B!
Here's our girls AFTER they had thier own barbershop CHOP the hair off party at Dara's HOUSE! When Aria came down and apologized about using Dara's Makeup- i looked to see how much make-up she'd have on her face and was appalled at the LACK Of hair on her head- You Bet i screamed in PURE SHOCK- Brielle and Elizabeth(her friend) came downstairs with HUGE chunks of hair Missing too! I was so out of sorts as we trimmed up what we could. We decided ALL scissors and Knives are going above the stove- locked away for good. The next day i put safety locks on our doors and bathrooms so, the girls cannot easily get there now.

It's funny how many parents go through this phase- almost everyone i have talked to has a hair cutting story or 3!!! Oh well now- Aria will have to just have a wretched bowl cut for awhile. Brielle always looks good with a bob cut though- lucky girl!

Okay, I'm off to bed- peace outtie folks! And thanks for reading!

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