Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, August 1, 2010

National FSA Conference

Let me just start off by Saying How much i LOVE all the birth moms, fathers and grandparents i met at the conference. I am so inspired by your strength and courage and ability to overcome what non-adoptive people throw at you, verbally and emotionally. I met, Jill, Taryn, Celeste, Julie, Heather, Tamra and a whole bunch more awesome ladies! I adore you all and I can't wait till our awesome future birth parents find us:)

I learned a TON at the conference about so many things and i could just write a book but, i will avoid it for time's sake. The highlights were too many to number. I can't wait until next year and will be BUSY at work with FSA. WHY? Because we love adoption and everyone involved in it and I was asked to Be the CENTRAL REGIONAL FSA C0-Chair with my sweet husband!!!

That means that we will follow the direction of the National Board FSA leaders in guiding and helping the FSA Chapter Chairs in these states: Wyoming, Montana, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri and maybe a few other surrounding states. We will help formulate and inspire good goals and directives for all FSA Chapters to build eternal families by educating and outreaching to our communities,birth parent programs, strengthen our membership and Retain what members we have and multiply our FSA families:) One thing at a time though!!! And I can't tell you how intimidating this all seems but i know with the LORD'S HELP, we can move mountains!

Thanks for all your support and watch our blog grow with TONS of birth mother blog links and other cool families who are Awaiting Miracles!!!


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