Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Birth Mothers

To all you who BLOG about your amazing adoption experiences:

You must stop! I am up late at night reading your stories- crying with joy and sorrow and amazement of your strength. It's like a new addiction- all these bloggers who hit straight to the point about WHY you placed and you go into great detail about your choices and your life. Your posts give me strength in ways i thought i didn't need to be strengthened. i see how you advocate for adoption and LOVE IT. I am kind of envious that I'm not YOU. How did God make you Stronger in that way and Not me? I remember as a teen thinking that I'd love to surrogate for someone- just so, i could help them- no strings or money- just b/c i loved them and knew they were waiting for a child. Then i found out it's kind of frowned upon in our faith. Then i found out about my crappy PCOS and other reproductive issues.
Anyway, I am so truly grateful you blog and keep me up all night. I enjoy the red in my eyes from time to time! I love your stories, your truth and your testimony of adoption. Keep doing what you are doing. Oh, an no pressure but, i sure hope our next BM is as amazing as some of you are! I'm sure she will be!
We think about her all the time- even though we haven't yet met her! She's in our prayers and in our hearts. Today--- OUT of the Blue - Brielle says (while in our car) " Mommy- Where's Our Other babies at? Can i have another sister? Aria said " No, sissy- a baby Brah-der and then a si-ter!" I told them that we will Let God Choose that one. I swear my girls remind us all the time.
How close to the spirit they must be to actually FEEL that our family is not all here yet!


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