Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, February 5, 2011

life is...

like your inbox... or vice versa...
You choose what to respond to and how to respond to it. You check boxes and clear out the clutter , leaving only the pertinent and personal emails left. But, sometimes we muse at the junk mail. The sales at Nordstrom or the funny pictures of a plumbers crack. We drift off into tangents and forget about the REAL stuff in our inbox that really needs our attention and communication. We wonder why we are SO BUSY when most of our time was actually wasted on CLEARING OUT THE JUNK!

Maybe, if we had LESS junk coming in our lives- we'd be more focused, more in tune, more in touch with those PEOPLE and Purposes that matter to Us! We can always unsubscribe to those Lesser important things that distract us from what really matters but, do we?

As my girls drift off to sleep in their soft cozy beds, with layers of quilts and blankets on this cold snowy night, I think about the choice brielle's birthmom made to think about the stuff that really mattered to her child, 5 years ago. I think about my choice to become a wife and then a mother and grow our family through adoption again. I cannot remember what life was worth before these experiences too. I'm in a place now where much of the junk mail has been cleared out and i have time to do more advocating for adoption and outreach and be an even better mother to my 2( and hopefully another child in our future)! I think about the choices everyday that people face to turn away from things or people that are holding them back from becoming happy or joyful!
I muse about what our future birth parents might possibly be like. I think about her choice to choose adoption and the strength she must have as she goes down this road. I pray for her to be safe and supported in her decision by those who are closest to her. I want her to know that everyday we think about what she must be going through and what JUNK she has chosen to avoid or leave behind b/c of the baby she carries inside her.
I could go on and on but, my point is... We all make Choices for different reasons. But, what is governing our thoughts and our hearts as we do these things. Are we staying simply BUSY to avoid boredom or are we busy with important things that enrich our lives and others lives? Think about what " Junk" you can deleted and unsubscribe to, to make your life much more meaningful! Just a thought!

* pic is of Brielle with her BIRTH 1/2 brother, Jr., Kara's son. He came with Kara on her last Visit for Brielle's 5th b-day! Such a Cutie pie! So much fun having the both of them here!

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A Life Being Lived said...

As a birth mom I know there was a lot of "junk" I had to sift through when I was pregnant, and am trying to clear some of it away still, even after placement. Thank you for praying for and being patient with your journey for kiddo #3. Thank you for thinking of his or her birthmom. It's a lot to consider...but women do make the choice for adoption. Hang in there :)