Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where's the Focus

I really was trying to think what the title of my post today would be on.
I understand that the world and values have changed. I also realize we all make our own choices in life and that's a gift we have been given- AGENCY! I could go into much detail about this but, in simplest terms: I'm using my Agency to FOCUS on my family, our hopes for adoption, advocating for adoption and loving those who are in my life. I'm not focusing on all the changes and moral shifts going on but, rather on keeping my boat steady as we parent in is crazy world. Our children (and all children that come into our family) will know and learn the unchangeable Doctrines of God and Jesus Christ and the Love that He has for Them.

I'm choosing everyday to focus on what matter's most. I may not have the latest shoes or handbag or sports car. You may not see me at the latest movie releases or trying to promote the latest fad in the economic climate. I won't waste my time on crap that unimportant- period. That's the reason why I closed my boutique business. B/c although, it's fun- when we die, no one will ask you " so where did you get that hair clip anyways" Or ask " what was your most prize possession?"
There may be ?'s like " what did you do in your lifetime to help your fellow beings?" "what part of your life did you feel like you were serving other's the most?" " how did you feel you did as parent?" A question you may be asked is " Should we weigh the good and important things you did against the distractions or unimportant things you participated in?"
Just some food for thought. I sure hope people keep a better Focus on what really matters in life, that's all!

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