Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, February 10, 2011

flashback friday- Brielle's Party

Brielle's friends came to celebrate her 5th B-day with her. They made Hair flowers, danced around, then sat down to a fancy tea party ( some of kids took the princess thing to the extreme too)

then a SPECIAL VISITOR CAME ! Sleeping Beauty!

Brielle was totally in shock but, very happy and excited to see her. She said " how did you know to come to my party?"

Many hugs were given throughout the event. ( and B's dress beat hers hands down- go Disney parks line:)

She read stories and played games and took many pictures...

and the kids got necklaces and rings and crowns too!

Then it was time for cake fit for a QUEEN!( and of course ice cream)

Luckily, it was chock- FULL of butter cream fondant and butter cream icing which the kids went to town on! Next time though, skipping the fondant and just adding cute marshmallow fondant details to butter cream.

And she BLEW out a Fiery Crown with her tiny little blow!

And all the kids had a blast and went home full of treats!!! It was fun had by all. I'm so glad Kara( her birthmom) got to be there and little Jr. got to witness all the crazy commotion too!
Till July- no more parties to be throwing for awhile. ( part of me is glad for that and part is sad)

After the kids left- She opened her gifts and enjoyed them slowly! I like doing this b/c i think kids don't need to be pressured to OPEN things in front of everyone. Plus, everyone gives differently and I'd hate for someone to feel awkward about their gift compared to other gifts. And KIDS go ape-crazy at the whole site of others ripping into presents. It kind of drives me nuts and I have a gift complex anyways. We loved it though- such a blast!

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