Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


...life likes to throw you a few curve balls. And I feel like I have a few of them coming at me right now. I have been patient for a long while but, this is the 3rd time one of the girls is sick in 2 weeks. Can't sickness just be gone after one round? I swear i detoxed the house to the point of my fingers cracking already. And our SUV is still in the shop and it's almost been a MONTH. I want to strangle my insurance company. Why are they waiting to release such a measly amount to the repair shop? I'm so fed up and switching from them after they pay up. GRRR! And we are trying to find a new 5 bed or more, home by May and i feel like everything I'm seeing is way too far or way too run down or nice but in a crappy part of town. Sorry for venting on my Sunshines-out-our-rear blog but, reality is what it is and love it or hate it, it's ours!

So, Hopefully, We will get our Navigator back by next week and my girls will be done being sick and no major catastrophes will happen in between. I know we will find a home when it's right and i will continue to look all the time. I'm sure most of you readers know how it feels to try and no matter what you do- sometimes things just don't work out- or work out on your timetable. Thank Goodness I have an Awesome husband and great friends too! On the upside my house is getting cleaner and laundry is getting done more regularly. And Brandon has 5 homes closing in the next 1.5 weeks! You Rock, my hot hubby! And my muscle tone is coming back as I start training for the summer of fun events:) Well, I better get some rest so, i don't end up sick. Have a great Thursday everyone and get ready for a GREAT weekend ahead!

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