Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, February 14, 2011

some sweet things...

I remember as a kid on Valentine's Day...
My mom would make us pink pancakes or heart pancakes with berries, when we had them. It seemed as though every detail about that day was centered on how much she loved US!

When we got home from school we had treats on our beds and nice card or letter. We often made jello jigglers hearts and mom made us something scrumptious for dinner. we'd watch old musicals or some love story type shows like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or My Funny Valentine or whatever! She always made that day special for us. I never felt unloved by my mother and i don't think i really appreciated how much she really did for us and me until i became a mother!
Thanks mom, for being my Valentine my whole young life. You did a great job and sacrificed so much for me to not end up rotten! I may not be a typical model of the perfect LDS/Christian person but, i know where my heart is centered and i know How much God loves me and loves everyone. Christ loves me for who I am and most of this learning begins with mothers' love. Because if children do not have a mother and father who show unconditional love continually- how will they ever fathom How much Jesus and God love them?
We are growing up in a cynical world now, where the cultural norm is downgrading the roll of the two parent family unit. Satan is working hard to destroy what is most important in life- families!
People are focusing too much on bank accounts, cars, designer labels, and the next vacations while children are being raised by nannies or day care workers. Or worse, in houses where drugs are used on a daily basis and no one meets a child's basic needs. It gets me to thinking about how much more do we, as a society, need to go through before people start to realize that it's "people and relationships that matter most". We will not take all that materialistic CRAP with us when we die and NO ONE will care. But, many people will have regrets about not spending more time with their children or helping and serving their fellow beings.But, for now...
I will enjoy all the sweet things life has to offer and have fun and silly traditions on Valentine's Day or whatever day i feel like it! I may not be perfect but, i do know the sweetness The Savior's Atonement gives all of Us! Our bitterness can be replaced with the most sweetest gift of His Sacrifice if we but accept Him and follow His Example. Happy Day of Love everyone!

*pics- strawberry lemonade jiggler hearts the girls cut out
homemade egg rolls we made today( new Valentine's Day Tradition!)
and hand sized Rice Krispy treat hearts we made yesterday to hand out to our friends!

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