Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, February 18, 2011


To Our Thanksgiving Visit with The Birth Family:)

This is the Majority of Kara's Family. Great, Great Grandma couldn't make it that night!
Dawn and Phil are Kara's Parents in the middle with the girls and Jr.! They are Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Phil to us now:) You can never have too much love!

Grandpa Phil is such an amazing Man and great with all his Grand kids. Aria
just LOVES getting tickled!

And her laugh is addicting too! Brielle's Birth family is so amazing. I was talking with Dawn ( below) the other night and she said " You know , we really adopted you guys when you adopted Brielle!"

We honestly feel like family and our love for them is just as strong as the love we have for our families- just different b/c they chose us and we chose them! We LOVE open adoption!

Aria tries to get GPA PHIL back and tries to tickle him! It's so funny how little kids think they know how to tickle adults. So cute!

Kara ( Brielle's tummy momma) and her baby boy, Jr.! I got to be in the Hospital to see him be born too! He is adorable and such a cuddler!

Kara with BOTH her kiddos! We are so blessed and honored that She Chose Us to be Brielle's Parents! She first Chose Life, then She Chose Adoption, Then She Chose US!
We know that we may not have such openness in our next adoption relationship and we do not want anyone to feel that this is what we expect. We are just grateful for what we have and would be willing to be as open with our next birth family, if the situation allows! It's Up to our amazing future Birthmom! We love you whoever you are and pray for you every single day that you will find the answers you are looking for in life and that you will be supported in your choice. We also pray for all considering adoption- that they will have peace in whatever decision they make;)

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