Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

blog content

I read a cool birthmom post last night and it got me to thinking a bit about what people portray in their blog content. And I realized some blogs are very misleading and not really personal. Some people use blogs as a journal or log book and others use them more like a diary, with more intimate details, feelings, and opinions of what their lives are like.

Some blogs have beautiful pictures and don't really show you WHO they are. Some are moving to the point of tears or hit to the core almost every time you read them. Blogs can also be deceiving or be viewed as a "sales" pitch. Especially adoption profile blogs. I think most of the people I know have spectacular blogs and profiles and are being genuine and honest. Some are afraid to share deeper feelings in order to avoid looking too vulnerable or afraid that a BP may read into something and disqualify them in some way from being a candidate. I remember some saying about being too wishy washy, broad and fearful about having opinions or views and sharing them...

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

Not that i think bloggers and adoptive blogs will FALL for anything but, i think by not being steadfast in your own opinions, beliefs and views on your blog- you are OMITTING who you genuinely are. And Omitting (or not telling the whole truth) is deceptive in it's own right! So, fellow bloggers and AP's: don't be afraid to be who you are- share your ups and downs and opinions and beliefs more. And if you ever think that something you may be devulging on your blog may work against you- It may be the one thing a particular expectant parent may be looking for. I've had friends say things like:" Our BM saw me( AD) on our profile wearing ac/dc shirt and she said to the caseworker- That guy is REAL! " " If you ever wonder that it may work against you that you that you already have kids, that was the one thing we insisted on when we chose parents. I personally hated the thought that it was possible that my child would grow up an only child, so I was looking for someone with young children."(bm) " When I saw that funny picture on their blog of the goofy Halloween Outfits- i knew they were awesome"(bm)

So Stand Up and Be TRUE to WHO you are without Fear and without reservations. ( enter the song true colors right now people)

*us today- aria threw up in the morning, eyes are all clear, no icks now and got her appetite back by the end of the day- hopefully she will be good for tomorrow. The two punkies stayed up till 10:45 though tonight. I put them to bed at 8:45 and i HAVE no idea why they wouldn't stay down. I had to go in like 5 times. It was torture but, they are such cute sisters:) Brielle cut a paper heart out for Aria and made her a valentine, read her a book and the played with the doll house all in the 2 hours. Such sweet innocence and defiance of bedtime all in the same time frame. Cute lil' stinkers! How can you not love 'em? Oh and Brandon has a cough so, he's on the couch tonight. I cannot sleep at all when i have coughing in my ears all night - poor sweet man! hopefully he will get better sooner than later.
** pic is hilarious of girls b/c it looks like neither one wanted to sit with the princess- tee hee

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