Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr. Fisherman

This time Jesse and Brandon went fishing around Boulder. It was a rough fishing day and very cold ( i have no idea why he is in a T-shirt) but the experience was awesome. At times he was crunching through the ice and he could see many fish but most were little. So, neither caught anything but, that's how life is sometimes. It's not always about the end result but the journey and experience.

He normally fishes up in Granby and He can't wait to head up that way again soon. Now, he will go to his next fishing stop with more experience and have an even better time. Hopefully, it won't be as cold but, i relate that to our adoption journey too. We must face ALL the elements of this process, regardless if we like them or not. Adoptive couples are going to be picked apart by potential expectant parents and some may even feel they are competing to have the BEST profile or whatnot. We will be de-bunked for really anything a birth parent doesn't like. Maybe it's b/c we have kids, brown hair, green eyes etc... But, AP's must understand that BP's have to have some sort of filtering system and selection process. And even though one thing may turn a BP off, it may be the thing that seals the deal for another expectant parent choosing you guys. It's a NORMAL part of the process and I'd prefer all expectant parents to be absolutely sure when they choose a family to place with- by all means- be picky but, be picky about important things that matter not hair color or family activities:)

Anywho, Today should be a great and cold day here in CO! Time to shop indoors, get our Vehicle back and get ready for the weekend. My YW B-Ball team plays tomorrow and we have 3 games left until the tournament. They have only lost 2 times( once by forfiet) so, we are doing pretty well. I love working with the Youth. Sounds silly but, as an adult you always kind of feel a bond with the TEENS- b/c that used to be YOU- 11 short years ago! I really have to hand it to them too. Lots of responsibility is on thier shoulders. Just rambling. Hope you all have great weekends!

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