Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Up Side of Being SICK

Is that you get to enjoy LOTS of cuddling! Watch TV shows you don't normally watch...

fall asleep where ever and eat whatever you feel like eating ( let's face it- there is stuff that just doesn't sound good when you don't feel good- even if it's healthy for you)

Play with your sister all day- make fake invitations to a fake party and experiment with Soda concoctions (B put mini robin's eggs candy in her soda and said she was doing a little science experiment) and really, when you are coughing all day long- you can't go anywhere so, you get pretty creative.

But Best of all you get to take LONG soaks in the tub every day- sometimes twice a day and have BUBBLES every time if you wish! Our tub is their FAV too! I am not feeling so hot either- let's hope this all passing quickly too. My girls have already missed 1.5 weeks of school. Thank goodness it's just preschool and we do a lot of stuff at home. Aria is getting much better at letter recognition and Brielle is starting to read now. Go girls! Now, let's get healthy again:)

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