Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, February 4, 2011

flashback friday

I'm finally catching up on pics! Bu, it has taken me a while so, i will be doing some FF's to speed everyone up.. Today we will highlight Brielle's School Holiday program from December!

Brielle had a speaking part and she did it perfectly in her tiny, sweet voice!

And she played a song with bells

and did a great job too!

at the end of the program SANTA walked in the room as a surprise to all the kids!

He was a COOL Santa and Brielle knew- he was one of Santa's Helpers b/c his whiskers weren't real!

Aria took forever to warm up to him but, finally did!

Me and Dara sitting on the Fat mans lap!

You can tell Aria is still a tad leery!

But Not Brandon!!!! I have the funniest Hubby ever!

Unfortunately, in the whole program not one actual Christmas Song was sung about the REAL meaning of the Season... Christ's Birth. Then a song was altered that ticked off Brandon and made me realize that we live in a world with shifting Morals and God is unchangeable despite these shifts! Brandon shared his concern with the board and it was dismissed and they claimed they were being PC or neutral as not to offend anyone (except for the Christian mass majority)
And then he expressed these sentiments to the music director who belittled what he had to say and She told him his opinion wasn't worth much so... WE switched our kiddos from Montessori to Private Christian School! They LOVE it too and we couldn't be happier. When Brielle got sick she told me it was okay and that " Mommy, my class will pray for me when i'm sick". They also sing songs about Jesus and I am so glad we Stood up for ourselves. That school lost 3 students b/c of that and we gained a stronger conviction that we should PLEASE GOD and not the people of the World!

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